Budding entrepreneurs: Running your own restaurant

Having your own business is an ideal method to make sure you are going on the right way in life. It is your own personal venture so making it a successor a loss, is in your hands. Which direction it is going, how far it can go and which way you want it to go, all these decisions are in your hands. You can bask in the glory of being your own boss and retaining all the profits to yourself. But you need to make sure there are profits at first!


Among the hasty-footed people in a city-country such as Hong Kong, venue is the most important factor for a small restaurant or any sort of food outlet. As people are running to work or school, they won’t go out of their way just to grab a cup of coffee. Also in their rush it is unlikely that anyone will stop to ponder if this place sells coffee or not. So pick a brand name which clearly stands out and gives the exact message out to the public. You would want to secure good quality coffee machine for café to have a speedy service too.


Speaking of service, remember that this is the most important thing. Any customer expects a good service. It is well-known that some people prefer to go to a specific place only because they take care of your needs efficiently. So hire trained employees if possible or hire novices and train them properly. They must know how to greet customers, take down an order quickly and supply it as soon as possible. Empathy and patience are valuable virtues for a restaurant worker. However make sure you employ capable people who can be flexible at situations when need be, and who can solve a problem creatively.

Marketing and Promotions

No matter if your restaurant is in the city center and has a witty name brilliantly displayed. You need to do some real promotions to get customers, especially when you are starting out anew. If you are concentrating on a certain area in the town, perhaps you can have a leaflet campaign done. Offer some free coffee for the first few customers and have a game or some such interesting activity going on. Main target market for you would be the youngsters and they are usually attracted to that kind of thing; once they are in you can use social media to promote the café even further. Always make sure to drive the fact home that you use the best coffee machine HK to quench their thirst.

The rise and fall of your venture is in your own hands. Do not start a business if you don’t have a proper idea or a sound business plan. Have a mentor and at least a couple of people to help you with the planning and execution. Remember that if you believe in this, it can be done.

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